Blow gently on your screen


Blow gently on your screen

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I laughed so hard. It’s so in sync with the song.


I actually cried laughing.


this video this video is incredible


I am laughing so hard that my dad just came to see if i was okay.

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Not knowing is the worst feeling in the world. Not getting the real answers out of the person you thought you could read so well. Not being able to tell anyone, because you’re afraid of what they might think. Not knowing whether or not it’s going to last. Not having a clue as to what might happen. Not being able to think about it because it will just poison your mind to the point where you can no longer separate fact from fiction. Not knowing if the sacrifices you made were worth it. Not knowing anything. It’s killing me. It’s eating me alive. I don’t know how much longer I can hold this charade up anymore. I don’t even know who the fuck I’ve become.


Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers


Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers

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I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore. I don’t even know what’s the truth and what are lies. I don’t even know what’s happening. I just feel like crying. It’s not supposed to be like this. It’s not supposed to be lie after lie after lie. How can anyone expect me to trust them when they just lie about everything, big or small. I feel so torn because I don’t even know if I’m happy anymore or if it’s just how I portray myself to others. I don’t even know if I’m myself or the character I’m playing. I don’t know what’s real.

"There is not one person in this world that is not cripplingly sad about something. You remember that before you open your mouth." —- Unknown (via perfect)

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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]



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So I was helping some friends shoot a PSA in the nursing department of our college and I had way too much fun with the uncanny training dummies. The JFK lookin’ one was my favorite, his name is Jeffrey.

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Back to where it all started 

I’m at my cabin. I’m back where it all started. Where we first met 18 years ago, where we first kissed last Christmas, where we first held hands under the blanket so that no one would know how much we liked each other. I’m back where we have had a lot of other firsts. But he’s not here with me tonight, and that pains me so much. He will be back home next week, and then it’ll be two months since we last saw each other. Since the last time the love of my life held me in his arms, kissed me on my forehead, and told me that he’d be back soon. Well, we’re way past soon, but I get to see him next week and even though he was supposed to come home for Easter and celebrate it with me and my family, his vacation days decided to piss on our plans and we had to postpone everything for another week. But I don’t care, because I get to have him all to myself for two weeks instead of just four days, and that is so much better! Tomorrow he’s doing car patrol which means he’ll be driving around for two hours, and we always talk when he’s on patrol. So tomorrow I get to talk to him for two hours, which I also did today, and even though it’s not the same as actually having him here next to me, it’s more than I could ever dream of right now, because we haven’t been able to talk for that long for weeks now because his schedule has been horrendous. I don’t know where I wanted to go with this, but I just really miss him, and being back here, where it all started, made me feel pretty emotional and lonely. I just miss him so god damn much. I miss my other half.


I wish my friends would take random pictures of me when we hang out because I’m an arrogant prick and I want more pictures of myself that aren’t selfies.

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im so miserable but i laugh at everything

There is actually scientific reason behind this. Depressed people have a harder time controlling their laughter. That’s why depression is so hard to notice in a lot of people - they’re usually the ones who laugh the most.

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Thoughts about school 

Okay, so I have decided that I am going back to school. For those of you that didn’t know, I dropped out of school in 2012, and I have been working some and doing some internships since, But because I don’t really know what I wanna work with or even do with my life, it hasn’t really been consistent and I have just been wandering about at home trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life. But I still haven’t got a clue.

Okay so let me start off by telling you guys a bit about the Swedish school system, so that you aren’t completely lost when I tell you this story. At age 6, you start pre-school, then at age 7, you start first grade, and at age 8 you start second grade and so on, until you’re done with ninth grade, at age 15. Now you’re done with the mandatory part of school (we don’t have home schooling in Sweden, and it’s against the law to keeo your children out of school before they finish ninth grade). But yeah, then you start gymnasium. Which is pretty much like a mix between high school and college I would say. You choose your “major” (it’s not really a major), and then you take classes that are usually connected to this major. There are some majors that are more general than others, like for example Social Studies and Science, but I chose Media because I wanted to work with production and film. Okay so you go to gymnasium for three years and then you apply for universities and such, but after my first year of gymnasium, I did an exchange year in Nebraska, and when I came back, I realized that my minor, which was film- and tv production, was being shut down due to not enough people applying for it. So I had to study media communication/graphic art my second year, and it just wasn’t for me. And because I was already a year behind, because of my exchange year, and because a lot of other stupid factors made that school year miserable for me, I decided not to apply for another school, and just dropped out instead. 

My life plan, until recently, was to move to London, and since we don’t have the same schooling system as they do, I didn’t need to “study up my grades” (as we say in Sweden, similiar to getting your GED in America). But since that plan got thrown in the trash a couple of months ago, I realized that I needed to get my shit straight about education and try to see what was out there, since it’s very important to have a gymnasium education here in Sweden when applying for jobs. 

But since I have been an emotional rollercoaster lately due to my boyfriend being away, I kind of put that whole “applying for schools” thing on ice, and tonight, after a heart felt discussion with my dad and his wife, I figured that I would go back to school this fall.

The only problem is that I won’t make the deadline for applying, since it’s in four days and I don’t have my grades, and it’s Easter break in Sweden now so all schools are closed. So yeah, I pretty much blew it. 

But I found this awesome course that’s 2 years long, called TV Production, and it’s in Stockholm, so it’s close to my boyfriend, and you get to intern at big production companies and I would get to study what I really wanna study. But the problem is that I have to have a gymnasium diploma to apply. And to get that, I have to get my GED, and that will take a year at least. So if I’m lucky, I could see how fast I could get my diploma, then HOPEFULLY be done by April 2015, and apply for the TV Production class. But even if I get accepted, I would have to move to Stockholm, and considering how often my boyfriend has to relocate in his job, he might not live there anymore, and considering it’s still a loooong time until this actually happens, we might not still be together, I mean I hope we are, but you never know.. I feel like this is too much, and I really wish I would’ve thought about all of this sooner, so that I don’t have to wait like FOREVER to apply again, but I feel like I’m really getting my life back on track, and hopefully it will all work out. 

I think I’m gonna go to bed now, because all of this has been way too much for me and I need to sleep for a good 12 hours or so, so that I can meet my friend Elsa for lunch tomorrow and discuss all of this with her, because she also dropped out of school and then got her GED and is now like doing a bunch of cool stuff, like going to Florence by herself on vacation, just because she can. She’s awesome. And I hope that I can get out of this awful little bubble I’m in at the moment, and just focus on my own happiness for a while. Because I really feel like I deserve it.

If everything goes as planned, and he gets cleared by his employers, I get to see my baby in a week! Words can’t describe how much I’ve missed him! I haven’t seen him since March 3rd and it has been absolute torture! I miss him so much and I can’t wait to hold him and kiss his perfect lips again! 


u know whats fuckin hardcore

people on this site who don’t speak english as a first language but blog in english anyways

Yay I’m hardcore!

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